I took these pics on a beach in the Bahamas. I was just walking around and I stumbled onto these 3 cute girls jumping on this trampoline in bikinis. It was a pretty incredible thing to watch as you can imagine. This picture here is my favorite of the bunch and probably one of my favorite pictures I've taken ever.

This is another picture of the same girl. She was my favorite of the three and so I took more pics of her than the other two girls. Notice the middle-aged guy in the background taking pictures. God, what a pervert!

Here's another one of the girls doing a flip.

Here's my favorite girl again doing her own flip.

And here she is again showing us the rear view of her move from the first pic.

And here she is yet again. This time from the side!

And here's girl #2 doing another flip. This is also one of the few pics where you can see girl #3, who for some reason or another didn't wind up in many of my pics.